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  1. Introductory provisions

1.1. In this agreement, the client registers the contractual rules concerning the use of Virginie Suys products.

1.2. By placing an order on the website www.Virginie (hereafter: Virginie Suys) or merely visiting and consulting Virginie Suys, the visitor accepts the contents and a new agreement is concluded by every new visit.

1.3. Virginie Suys also reserves the right to change and / or supplement the General Terms and Conditions for future orders. By using the website or other electronic portal of Virginie Suys and / or placing an order, the client accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

1.4. Other conditions (those of the client for example) will therefore never apply, unless Virginie Suys agreed in advance and in writing with the deviating conditions.

1.5. By accepting the agreement, the client acknowledges that he 1) has previously had the opportunity to read the agreement – prior to its acceptance – 2) if necessary to negotiate clause per clause in terms of content and 3) to print them and to impose them to safe.

1.6. The client accepts that the proof of his prior knowledge and the aforementioned action can be provided by Virginie Suys by the acceptance of the agreement by the client.

  1. Concepts

2.1. Client: Every natural or legal person, legally competent and older than 18 years who passes an order via the website Virginie Suys.

2.2. Order: The application by the client to conclude a sales contract between Virginie Suys and the client with regard to the products offered via Virginie Suys.

2.3. Products: All goods offered for sale by Virginie Suys via

  1. Information

3.1. Virginie Suys pays the utmost attention when placing information online about the properties of the products. Certain characteristics of a product, such as color, size, weight and other, may differ from the photos on delivery, as shown on the website.

3.2. Virginie Suys keeps track of the previous orders of a client, but only for logistical reasons.

  1. Order

4.1. All the information delivered by the client, if encoding data inherent to his order, connects him. Virginie Suys can not be held responsible in any way for errors committed by the client during the input of the destination data (delivery address, invoicing address included). Virginie Suys can also not be held responsible for delays in the delivery or the inability to deliver the ordered products.

4.2. The automatic registration systems provide proof of the content and date of the order.

4.3. In general and without further explanation being necessary, Virginie Suys reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order, including the case of payment problems with the order concerned or a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.

  1. Delivery

5.1. By placing an order, the client commits himself to the regulation of receipt of the goods, all taxes, duties and other current and future costs due to the title of delivery of the ordered goods. The solidary liability of Virginie Suys can not play in that respect.

5.2. The rates of delivery and time are available on the site Virginie Suys. No compensation can be claimed from Virginie Suys or the transportation company by the client in case of late delivery.


5.3. Upon receipt of the ordered goods, the client or recipient must check the good condition of the delivered goods and take note of the conditions of use and instructions given to him. In the hypothesis that one or more ordered products are defective or damaged, the client or the addressee must immediately formulate the necessary reservations to the transportation company at the time of delivery.

5.4. Clients or recipients of the goods shall refrain from any partial or complete resale.

  1. Refund

6.1. In accordance with the legislation in force concerning distance selling, the client has the right to renounce his purchase without punishment and without giving reasons. The client has a period of seven calendar days from the receipt of the ordered goods to return them to Virginie Suys against exchange or refund. To obtain the refund or exchange, the customer must return the new products at his expense and under his responsibility, in their original packaging, undamaged and accompanied by any accessories

6.2. If the goods have been sent to Virginie Suys under the right conditions and within the right time, Virginie Suys commits herself to return the payments made by the client at no cost. In the case where the delivery costs were initially borne by Virginie Suys, these costs will be deducted from the amount to be returned from the client. The return intervenes within a maximum period of fourteen days starting from receipt of the merchandise by Virginie Suys.

  1. Price

7.1. The price is always in euros and VAT inclusive. The price stated on the product data sheets does not correspond with the costs related to the transport.

7.2. Virginie Suys reserves the right to change the price at any time, but the products are invoiced on the basis of the applicable rates at the time of the registration of the orders.

  1. Payment

8.1. The price of the goods is payable during the online order by bank card.

  1. Liability

9.1. Virginie Suys can not in any way and in any way be held liable for damage of any kind that may result from poor use of the commercialized products.

9.2. The liability of Virginie Suys will in any case be limited to the amount of the order and can not be questioned for minor mistakes or omissions that could have persisted despite the precautions taken in the presentation of the goods.

  1. Guarantee

10.1. Under no circumstances, Virginie Suys can be held responsible for non-compliance with laws and regulations in force in the host country. Any liability of Virginie Suys is exclusively limited to the value of the product in question, determined according to the date of sale.

10.2. Virginie Suys guarantees under the present agreement only the proper delivery of the products on the basis of the information provided by the client. Virginie Suys never guarantees achieving a certain result. The quality and usability of the products supplied by Virginie Suys is shown on the manufacturer’s package leaflet. The products supplied by Virginie Suys are in the manufacturer’s packaging. The client is obliged to read the instructions and the conditions of use of the manufacturer prior to the use of the products and to contact Virginie Suys in the event of the least inconclusion or doubt of the use.

10.3. Pursuant to the law of 21 September 2004 concerning the protection of consumers in the sale of consumer goods, the consumer has statutory rights. This legal guarantee applies from the date of purchase by (if applicable from delivery to) the first owner. Every commercial guarantee leaves these rights unabated. In order to make use of the guarantee, the client must be able to present the proof of purchase. Clients are advised to keep the original packaging of the goods.

10.4. For articles purchased online and delivered to the client’s home, the client must contact Virginie Suys in advance, after which the client must return the article to Virginie Suys at his expense.

10.5. Upon detection of a defect, the client must inform Virginie Suys as soon as possible. In any case, any defect must be reported by the client within a period of two weeks after it has been determined. Afterwards, no right to repair or replacement lapses.

10.6. The legal warranty never applies to defects arising as a result of accidents, neglect, falls, use of the article in violation of the purpose for which it was designed, non-observance of the instructions for use or instructions, modifications or changes to the article, harsh use, poor maintenance, or any other abnormal or incorrect use.

10.7. The guarantee is not transferable.

  1. Personal data

11.1. The collection of personal data for the purpose of distance selling is mandatory. This information is essential for the processing and delivery of orders. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order.

11.2. Virginie Suys commits herself to never to pass on the details of their clients to third parties.

  1. Intellectual Property

The texts, page listings, illustrations, photographs, data sheets and other illustrative elements on the website are protected by copyright and generally by the principles of the intellectual property right. The contents of the site Virginie Suys may not be copied. Nothing may be changed, nothing may be placed on another site, nothing may be published in any form without prior written permission from Virginie Suys. This site may also contain texts, illustrations and other elements that are protected by the copyrights of third parties. Virginie Suys does not give permission in any way or in any way whatsoever to use their intellectual property nor that of third parties.

  1. Applicable law for disputes

13.1. If difficulties occur during the execution of an agreement, the client and Virginie Suys commit themselves to investigating the possibility of reaching an amicable settlement before taking legal action.

13.2. If this does not offer a solution, only courts of the place of the registered office of Virginie Suys are authorized to take note of any claims, regardless of the place of delivery or the place of residence of the client.

13.3. The agreements and all legal reports between the client and Virginie Suys are subject to the Belgian law.