Also photo-art

Illustration Products

Various products can originate from my hand-drawn illustrations. The most obvious are the birth announcements, children’s books, room decorations, company illustrations, product illustrations, shop fittings, but of course much more.

If you would like a personalized illustration, I will be happy to tailor your wishes. After you have indicated in which direction the drawing should go, I make a first sketch for you. After that you have the possibility to pass corrections after which the final illustration is finished. In most cases, one correction round is sufficient to achieve a nice and personal result that the customer feels good about.

You can finish an existing or personalized design as you wish; we can print the artwork for you on canvas or on HD metal. You can of course also choose to send it to a printer of your choice or company to finish the design or to print on the product of your choice.

The possibilities, even for professional purposes, are countless. Ask us your question at and we look forward to your question and what we can do for you.

Photo products

From the photos you can find on the platform you can do a number of things: you can purchase the photo online in high resolution or order the photo on canvas or HD Metal in different formats. These will then be sent to you.